Friendly Return Policy

No Questions Asked!

Ask about our “Friendly Return Policy”.  We want you to be completely wowed by your glasses and after wearing the product, if you are unhappy with the frames you selected simply return them to our office within 1 month and pick out a new pair of your choice and we will gladly remake new lenses at no additional cost. Our experienced opticians and staff can help you choose a look that reflects your style and suits your needs. We offer all the latest designs and top names in eyewear for prescription lenses and the hottest names in sunglasses for protecting your eyes.


Colonial Eye Care stands behind our products 100% and we offer an exclusive full 2-year warranty on all our frames and lenses at no additional cost.

During the time of your glasses purchase ask your optician about our warranty. Unfortunately, certain insurance companies make your glasses and may not allow us to remake your glasses at no additional cost. However, our office will try our best to remake the glasses with your best interest in mind.


At Colonial Eye Care our experienced optician Debby Bauer-Robertson, ABO, NCLE, and our optical staff can help you choose the correct lenses that enhance your vision and suits your personal lifestyle needs. We offer all the latest designs and top prescription lenses from the ZEISS SmartLife Lens Portfolio. As one of the leading lens manufacturers worldwide, the corporate history of the Carl Zeiss eyeglass lens manufacturing division has set many milestones, marked by the invention of numerous innovative solutions.

In 1935, Carl Zeiss invented anti-reflective lenses, and the company manufactured the first polarized lens for eyeglasses in 1959. In 1983, Carl Zeiss introduced the world’s first progressive lens for binocular vision and thus made it possible for users to enjoy infinite vision in both close-up and distance applications through a single pair of glasses. From 1962 to 1972 during the moon landings and the missions leading up to them, ZEISS photography played a key role: more than 100,000 shots were used to prepare the Apollo missions.

Colonial Eye Care offers high-quality lens materials that deliver the optimal vision. We proudly offer Zeiss Duravision anti-reflective treatments that reduce reflections at night, glare/eyestrain from computers, glare from overhead lighting, and enhance your glasses cosmetically. The Zeiss line also offers multiple solutions to filter blue light from computers, tablets, and other sources such as the sun. We also offer prescription sunglasses utilizing Zeiss polarized lenses enhanced with Duravision Sun that will reduce sun glare and protect your eyes from the harmful rays that cause eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration. When you purchase your glasses from Colonial Eye Care you can be confident that you will leave with the best product for you and your visual needs.


Glasses should not only be functional but fashionable too. They are something most of us wear every day and the first thing people see when we are meeting them. They outline your face and if chosen properly enhance your natural eye colors. We carry the latest style of frames from Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Europe, and the USA that will help you reflect your personality.  Our team of licensed Opticians and staff will help guide you to the product that will satisfy all your visual needs. Each frame will be hand selected for you and put through our evaluation of shape, color, size, and fit to make sure you have the best fit for your face. Just like a perfectly tailored suit, a pair of glasses should be properly fit to the wearer. A proper fitting frame is more flattering, more comfortable, and more effective at helping you see better or keeping unwanted eyestrain away.  In addition to finding the proper shape and size for your face, you should also look for a frame that compliments your natural coloring of your skin, hair, and clothes you wear most often.


Advanced technology allows Colonial Eye Care to help you choose the contact lens that will safely give you clear vision with the greatest amount of comfort. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism or at the age were reading with your contact lens is becoming more difficult, our doctors will take the time fitting the right lenses for you. Colonial Eye Care offers an exclusive 'Buy Back Program' to guarantee you the best fit, comfort, and vision. Problems with your contacts, change in prescription, or have a bunch leftover that you ordered from our office we will happily buy the remaining contacts back or apply a credit on your account to use in our optical.

New materials and advancements in contact lens technology provide greater comfort, safety, and ease of wearing. For your convenience, a yearly supply of contact lenses and solutions can be dispensed and mailed directly to your house or our location depending on your needs.

Several types of lenses are available:

  • Daily wear
  • Extended wear for over nightwear and sleeping
  • Soft two weeks, or monthly disposable
  • Soft toric for astigmatism
  • Soft quarterly replacement
  • Colored enhancement
  • Silicone hydrogel for added oxygen and health
  • Rigid gas permeable (RGP or hard)
  • Scleral contacts


Dr. Segeleon will evaluate the specific cause and type of vision loss and prescribe a variety of low vision devices. Such specialized devices include high powered glasses, illuminated and non-illuminated stand, pocket and hand held magnifiers, prismatic eyeglasses, telescopes, special lighting, tints and filters, non-optical devices, and electronic devices such as Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs) and head-mounted displays. Non-optical aids are also important in effecting lighting and glare. Special filters can be worn to enhance contrast, reduce glare, thereby maximizing vision. There are many other useful items for the visual impaired such as, talking clocks, large telephone dials, large checkbooks and TV remote controls, magnifying mirrors or writing aids.